This version of the POW Whitepaper is written for the Beta Test Phase 1. After we complete the Beta Test Phase 1, it will be updated accordingly.


Power of Women: Genesis is the world's first DIY dress-up web3.0 game. Players can play for free to earn money.

"My boyfriend was betrayed by the attraction of my best friend" or "I was questioned because of her female identity in the workplace"? Renee is going through all this and is determined to help more girls regain their confidence and share her outfits with everyone. Gain a fortune in the process

POW is a plot dress-up game based on the latest 3D engine. In the game, players can experience playing the wife of a cheating husband. How will players choose when facing her husband's cheating? Whether to reject her husband's reconciliation, or accept his makeover. No matter which choice you choose, players can find clothing and jewelry that suits them. By combining more than 10 kinds of parts, such as eye shadow, blush, glasses, earrings, tops, bottoms, shoes, bags, etc., to create their own independent Female character dress up.

One of the most special features in the game is to earn W3T by playing Sand Sort, and then buy rare clothes through W3T during the process of changing clothes to create your own rare clothes. The rarer the clothes you create, the more more income.

In all of the following articles we will use POW to stand for Power of Women: Genesis

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