NFT And Rarity

Rarity Of Parts

Each NFT character card has a rarity, there are currently five rarities: N, R, SR, SSR, SSSR

Only 6 kinds of parts such as hair style, hair color, top, bottom, bag and shoes will calculate the rarity.These are the scores corresponding to rarity.

NFT Rarity Calculation

The higher the rarity of each part such as tops, bottoms, shoes, etc., the higher the rarity of the entire NFT character card is likely to be.

The rarity score of the whole NFT = the sum of the rarity scores of each part

Correspondence between NFT rarity and total score.


We plan to launch four series of NFT, currently we are launching the workplace series of clothing, there will be more series launched, such as party series, princess series, campus series, etc., please pay attention to our subsequent updates on Facebook, discord tweet

Total supply planning 1200000, the current workplace series 300000, the earlier mint players have the opportunity to have more.

There is no limit to the number of NFTs each user can buy/sell, the longer you play, the more Mint

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